How to Be a Social Ninja: Trendjacking and the Juice Model

By Fatima Gaw, Social Media Analyst


Attention is such a scarce commodity on social media. Everyone wants it – your friends, news media, brands and the rest of the 2.4 billion people online. Gazillions of posts are being published every minute—each tempting you to pause your newsfeed scrolling, check it out for a good five seconds and engage for its brilliance (if it deserves it). Not to mention Facebook cutting down organic reach to almost zero, making it less probable for your audience to even see your content. But the decision is neither to fight nor flee – it’s actually to go with the flow.



We find the LEGO version more believable, on account of less plastic surgery.



By flow, I refer to the natural flux of news, events, culture and moments in time. In social speak, trends.

Trendjacking is basically embedding brands in the right set of trends to connect with people in the most relevant way possible. It’s not just pasting your brand’s logo onto whatever is trending, rather, it’s seamlessly integrating your brand to trends that matter to you and your target audience. This makes trendjacking tricky: of all the news and conversations happening worldwide, which ones are worth being part of?



We live in a world where #mtvhottest is trending more than #StopMassacreinEgypt.

(Source: Google Images)


Introducing the juice model – a trendjacking framework by London-based agency Inferno. It outlines the approach in choosing the trends that best fit your brand and the action required from social content creators.


The Juice Model.


The juice model essentially points out an obvious fact many of us ignore: Most news and trends are predictable. I’m not just talking about activities and celebrations that happen periodically, but also the popular events that we know would happen just because we read a bit of news. We know when Gilas Pilipinas will compete in Spain, we know that Veronica Mars is showing this week, and we’re well aware that Manny Pacquaio will run in 2016.


Rule number one: PRE-EMPT.


Cheers for the royal baby! Either it’s a girl or a boy, we’re ready.

(Source: The Guardian)


Inevitably, there will be surprise and spontaneity – which generally are things more talked about simply because they’re fresh and hip. Then there’s…


Rule number two: ACT FAST.



While these two rules enable brands to ride on trends, the best kind of trendjacked content are the ones that champion great brand purposes in everyday culture. That is why we need close discernment on the conversations we want to join in and purposeful communication in each content we make.


The best social media creators should be quick, smart and precise – like true badass ninjas.


Well, they were kinda badass in the 90s.

Source: Google Images


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