Brands, Here Are Five Things Your Social Media Team is Dying to Tell You

by Tats Diaz, Business Manager


Let’s be real. The client-agency relationship is one fraught with sins of omission. There are the things we all know; the things you know but refuse to tell us (see: Actual Budget); the things neither of us know; and the things we know but may never tell you. Well, we’re about to break Johari’s Window.  Here are five things I hope your agency told you – if they didn’t, give us a call.


5. #Stop #with #the #pointless #hashtags. #EspeciallytheonesthatlooklikethisBRANDTAGLINEHERE.

Twitter only has 140 characters. Facebook only allows you 130 before you have to click to read more.  Which would you rather they read – your brand message, or your hashtag? While we’re on that topic, when was the last time you used an explicitly branded hashtag, outside of a promo? Yup, didn’t think so.


Instead, aim for USO hashtags* – Useful, Short, and Ownable – if you want a term your fans may actually use.

  • For you non-Filipino speakers, “uso” means trend in Filipino.


4. Stop telling us to “just make it go viral”.

Trending depends on so many factors – for example, other events happening at the same time, overall popularity of the topic, endorsers on hand and more. A lot of them are out of our control, making “trending” a moving target.


However, there’s a great study by Unruly that analyzes what makes videos go viral. The basic formula for virality is: Intense Emotion + Social Motivation to Share, but I strongly advise you to read the whole article. It looks long, but much of it is case studies – and try out the recommendations on your next project. You may be surprised. Click here to download the white paper.


The most shared ad of the Super Bowl. Watch those tears flow.


3. Social is not a campaign, it’s a commitment. And no, we’re not free.

Facebook can be a VERY expensive toy. Just because it’s free to sign up, doesn’t mean that content creation, monitoring, responding and optimizing your page will be. Social is always on – so make sure your organization, not just a rogue Brand Manager, is committed to it. And yes, spend. You spend on your TV spots, right? So doesn’t it make sense that Social wouldn’t be able to do the same job for free?


This is Ford’s campaign journey for the launch of their Ford Explorer. As you can see, it’s a mix of Paid, Owned, and Earned media.


2. Talk like a normal person.


The picture says it all. Except unlike Advertising, in Social your fans can (virtually) punch you in the face and everyone will see it. Then join in.


Social media is your opportunity to have a real conversation with your real consumers. They’re not just the “target market” anymore, but individuals who will love you if you are just a little human. Don’t waste the chance by simply reposting your print materials or talking like a corporation.


  1. We’re not reinventing the wheel here.

At the end of the day, Social is just another channel. A shiny, new, popular channel, but a channel like Advertising, PR, or Activation all the same. The heart of it is still storytelling. Don’t be distracted by the hype so much that you forget – without a great story, it’s all just fluff. With a great story, you can conquer the world.


How about you, community managers: What are the things you’ve been dying to tell your client?


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